Dosage Treats for Goats (for giving herbal supplements)

So you know how people say goats will eat anything? Well, that’s crap! Goats can actually be kind of picky, especially my goats it seems. We keep our goats as natural as possible which means we give them herbal supplements. Every Wednesday they get an herbal wormer (wormer Wednesdays, easy to remember). We buy our wormer from Molly’s Herbal in case you are interested. Well you can top dress their feed, this is just a fancy way of saying put the powder on top of their grain, but my goats will pick through and eat everything BUT the powdered supplement. So the only other option we have to make sure they are getting their supplements is to make dosage balls. These are easy peasy and made with just a couple ingredients you have in your pantry.


  • Powdered Supplement
  • Molasses
  • old fashioned oats
  • water
  • ground flaxseed (optional)
  • flour


1) Put your powdered supplement in a bowl. You will need to read your package directions to see how much you need for your animals weight then multiply it by the amount of animals you are giving it to (ex. each 100 pound goat gets 1 TBSP you have 4 goats so you will need 4 TBSPs). If you are making wormer balls that are given weekly you can double, triple, etc… the recipe so you will have enough for several weeks.



2) Next pour in some molasses. There isn’t an exact measurement for this. You will have to eyeball it. You want your mixture to come together, but not be super sticky. Start with a little you can always add more later.







3) pour in a couple TBSPs of old fashioned oats. No exact measurement.

4) add a little water to make the whole mixture come together. Add the water very slowly and mix. You want your mixture to stick together but not be too wet. If you added too much water or molasses don’t worry just add a little more oats to absorb the water or you can add some ground flaxseed.

I added too much water so I will add flax seed till I get the consistency I want.

5) cover the mixture with a little flour and form individual balls. You will have 1 ball for each dosage. (ex. if you made enough for 4 goats you will make 4 equal size balls).


6) store in a zip bag or bowl. There is nothing that will spoil in these so I just store them on a shelf next to my feed so I can easily access them.


Extra Info!

  • If first starting your goats on these they may be a little resistant at first. It is ok to open their mouth and pop one in (similar to how you would give a dog a pill). After 1 or 2 times they will figure out how good these are and you won’t have a problem getting them to eat them.
  • I have a very petite goat who can’t eat her entire ball at once so I just split hers in half and give her half at a time. Whatever works for you and your goat. Just be sure each is getting their proper dosage.
  • With herbal supplements it is not nearly as dangerous to overdosage as it is with chemical medicines. Do your best to get the correct dosage (usually based on weight) but don’t fret if you aren’t exact.
  • Please be sure to read the instructions and dosages on your particular brand of wormer or supplement they are all different.
  • If you are using Molly’s Herbals you can give the wormer to dogs, cats, chickens, horses, etc… These dosage balls can be modified to dose all different kinds of animals (ex. exchange molasses for peanut butter for dogs).