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Grow Apple Trees from Seeds

So, did you just follow my recipe to make your own delicious no sugar added applesauce? If not you should head over to recipes and check it out. SO YUMMY!

Whether you made some applesauce, pie filling, or even just ate and apple and have the core and apple seeds left this is a good place to be.

There is no need to waste any of your apple. You can use every part from using the peels and cores to make your own apple cider vinegar to planting the seeds and growing your own apple trees. This post will quickly explain how to grow your own apple trees. If you want to know how to make your own apple cider vinegar head over to Food: Recipes for a quick how to!


  • apple seeds
  • pot
  • dirt/compost
  • possibly paper towel and zip lock bag



as you can see several of mine were already germinated straight out of the apple
  1. Collect your apple seeds (this can be seeds from an apple you have eaten or cut up)








2) If your seeds haven’t started to germinate yet you will need to germinate them (get them to start roots). Get your paper towel and wrap the seeds in them. Wet the paper towel and put it in the plastic bag. Make sure the plastic bag is sealed tight and put it in the fridge. Your seeds should take about a month to germinate but check every few weeks and wet paper towel if dry. Your seeds will start to have little white sprouts coming out of them soon and that is when you know they are ready for planting.





3) fill a pot with dirt

I save all my containers from plants and trees I buy throughout the year. This way I always have lots of pots on hand.

4) plant your seeds about 1-2″ into the dirt. Only about 30% of your seeds will be successful so I plant several in each pot. You can always thin later if you have that much luck. (My mom swears her apple trees do better with a companion plant so she always plants her seeds with her houseplants and they do great, not required, but an option especially if you are limited on space)




5) put in sunny location, water, and watch grow! (yep that is it)




6) If you want your apple trees to actually grow fruit you will have to graft your trees once they are 11″- 24″ tall or so, but that will be in another post 😉