Honey Sweet Tea

My husband was born in Texas and therefor he loves sweet tea. I do not particularly care for sweet tea (give me regular old strong black tea any day), but my boys also like sweet tea (of course, it is sweet, HELLO SUGAR). I hate all that sugar in it and though we don’t drink it often when we do I would prefer it to be a little more on the healthy side. Simple solution was to substitute honey for the sugar. Honey is delicious and has a ton of health benefits and since we have our own bees it is always on hand.

Here is a super simple and delicious recipe for Honey Sweet Tea


  • 5-6 small tea bags (or 2-3 family size tea bags) doesn’t matter brand
  • ½ c honey ( we prefer raw, local honey, but again doesn’t matter what brand)
  • 1 gallon water
  • pitcher to put it in

Instructions for sun tea

  1.  fill gallon pitcher with warm to hot water. I use warm water as it starts the steeping process and helps to dissolve the honey.
  2. pour in half a cup of honey. TIP! if you spray your measuring cup with pam before you put the honey in it will slip right out no mess, no spoon to try and get it all out, EASY!
  3. tie your tea bags together and place in jar.
  4. put jar outside on a sunny day and let sit in the sun. I usually let mine sit for several hours till it gets really dark as I like mine strong, but you can get by with about an hour in the sun. Also be sure to cover if putting outside so the bugs don’t help themselves.
  5. when done steeping bring jar in and remove the tea bags. Be sure to squeeze all the water out of them (not too hard if you break them and get leave all over your tea that would suck)
  6. Give tea a good stir to make sure honey is dissolved and everything is mixed up.
  7. enjoy over ice or even warm fresh out of the pitcher. Best if kept in fridge and will store for about 1-2 weeks (if it isn’t gone by then 😉 )

Instructions for tea on the stove

  • if you don’t want to or can’t make sun tea no worries this is easily made inside as well.
  1. Fill a small pan full of water (really doesn’t matter the size I usually use a 1.5 quart)
  2. put on stove and bring water to a boil
  3. once water is boiling turn stove off and add your honey
  4. give water a good stir to make sure all honey is dissolved
  5. tie your tea bags together and add to your water
  6. let tea steep for 5-8 minutes or so. You want your water to be nice and dark
  7. remove tea bags and squeeze out any water.CAREFUL they are coming out of boiling water and will be hot best to use a couple large spoons instead of your hands 😉
  8. poor water into a gallon sized pitcher
  9. fill pitcher up with cool water then give it a quick stir
  10. VIOLA all done!


Extra Info

  • honey is slightly sweeter than sugar so you will not need nearly as much. If making this recipe with sugar I would use ¾ of a cup
  • You can add things to this tea to give it a little zing. (fresh mint leaves, lemon, fresh fruit, liquor, mint/lemon/liquor makes a sweet tea mint julep, tons of combinations)
  • adjust measurements to your liking
  • make sure you remove your teabags. If left in the tea your tea will start to become bitter.