Infused Sugar Recipe

My family LOVES chocolate chip cookies and I get compliments on them all the time. I make them regularly to send with my husband to work for a treat for everyone or to give to friends and neighbors just because. I am constantly asked what I put in them to make them so yummy. Well, prepare yourself I am about to share my secret, ready for it…………………. 1 TBSP of infused sugar LOL, yep that easy and simple. I use to buy espresso infused sugar (SO PRICY) and I add a little to pretty much anything I make with chocolate in it. (If you didn’t know coffee enhances the flavor of chocolate and pairs with it so nicely!)  Then one day as I am online looking to buy some more and see prices have gone up as well as shipping I realize how silly it is I am buying it when it is so simple I could just make it. So now I do.

Here is my recipe for infused sugar. Super quick and easy and so inexpensive to make! This makes awesome gifts and you can infuse just about anything into your sugar from lavender, vanilla, mint, cinnamon, espresso, orange, and cocoa, to the other end of the spice chart with cayenne, rosemary, or green tea.

– Organic Sugar (not a must to have organic but what I prefer to use. Plain white sugar will infuse best, but any kind will work)
– Spices
– airtight container

1) combine sugar and spices in an airtight container in a 2 to 1 ratio (2 parts sugar 1 part spice). A little trick I use is to throw everything in my food processor and give a quick buzz. This ensures everything is mixed evenly and will also help encourage the spices to open and infuse with the sugar.

In the food processor to get evenly mixed

2) be careful not to let any moisture into the mixture or your sugar will get lumpy
3) close container and let sit for about 3-4 weeks until sugar is infused
4) As long as this is kept in a sealed container it will be good to use

Additional Info:

  • An simple white sugar will infuse the best and give the most flavor. You can also use brown sugars or natural cane sugars to give a completely different flavor especially with infusions like cinnamon or vanilla.
  • Any clean airtight jar will work for storage. You can find a number of inexpensive, fun, and unique storage options at your local thrift stores and craft stores. Just be sure to clean and completely dry the jars before infusing.
  • These make wonderful and inexpensive gifts. It is always nice to add a little tag with suggestions for using the sugar.
  • Different ways to use infused sugar: Sprinkle on sugar cookies, rim a cocktail glass, as sweetener in coffee or tea, top creme brulee and caramelize, sprinkle on fresh fruit, add to French toast egg dip, fold into cookie, muffin, cupcake, pancake, waffle, or bread batter. Anything that calls for sugar can include infused sugar.
  • A small amount of this is enough for any recipe. You are not replacing the sugar with this just adding it in addition to for a small hint of extra flavoring.
  • Can be given as gifts for a variety of occasions: Christmas, teachers gifts, welcome to the neighborhood, birthdays, house warming, baby shower (what pregnant lady doesn’t love her some sweets?!), bridal shower, wedding gift, hostess gift, coworker, mailman, pretty much any occasion you give a gift for this will work nicely.
  • You can make this up in large batches and keep on hand for those last minute gift situations.
  • You can infuse pretty much anything with sugar but some of my favorite options are: lavender, cocoa, espresso (or coffee grounds will work as well), mint, orange peel, vanilla bean, dried rosebuds, cinnamon chips, cayenne, tea leaves (such as green tea), rosemary, basil, chamomille, and so many more. You are only limited to your imagination! Just be aware of who you are giving it to and if they are new to cooking and would prefer something simple and common or adventurous and would like to try a wild combination.