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Simple Summer Dog Care

School may be starting, but summer is still in full swing and with the warm weather still upon us, we still need to take certain measure to keep our furbabies safe and healthy. Whether you are keeping them out of the heat, safe from bugs, or just trying to maintain their health here is a list of some simple summer maintenance for the furry family members.

Here are our 2 Furbabies. Both rescues!!

1)  Watch Where You Walk

Walking your furry friend is always encouraged and a great form of exercise and treat for your dog, but pavement and concrete can get HOT! A good rule of thumb is to place the back of your hand on the walking surface for 5 seconds if you can’t keep it there comfortably then it is too hot for your dog to walk on.
Some simple solutions:
– Walk your dog at cooler times of the day (morning and night) and stick to the grass
– They make dog shoes, socks, pads, and a wax you can apply.
– Keep your pets feet moisturized with a dog appropriate lotion and cream. Healthy
feet are less susceptible to burns and injury

2) Keeping them Cool 
Dogs are just as susceptible to heatstroke as humans. So keeping them cool is important
Some Simple Solutions
– Keep older and sick dogs out of the heat
– Make sure your pup has access to shade and water at all times
– Avoid strenuous activities on hot days (running and jogging)
– Do not muzzle your dog. Panting is how they cool off and a muzzle will interfere
with this
– If your dog has access to somewhere he can swim then let him or set up the
sprinkler and let him play if he wants
– Most important NEVER leave your dog in a car for any amount of time. They can
get very hot very quickly!!!

3) Careful of the Sun
Dogs can get sunburned just like humans. Noses are especially susceptible.
Some Simple Solutions
– Keep your dog inside or in a shaded area during the hottest part of the day
– Careful not to cut your dogs hair too short. Try to maintain at least ½” of fur
– Apply dog sunscreen, not all sunscreen is created equal you will need to purchase
or make a dog appropriate one
– They make dog sun clothes and sunglasses if you choose to go that route

4) No One Likes Bugs
The summer heat always brings out the bugs and in some areas more than others. Keeping your furry friend free of fleas and ticks will help them to be happier and healthier, not to mention no one wants those nasty pest in their house.
Some Simple Solutions
– Putting your pet on a flea and tick preventative
– If wanting to take a more natural approach you can make up a simple essential oil
solution to spray on your pet
– Keeping your yard clear of leaf litter, tall grass, and brush will help bugs to stay out
of your yard. If the bugs aren’t around the dog won’t be able to pick them up
– Keep your dog clean and well groomed
– Keep your house clean
– Using diatomaceous earth: sprinkle it on your pets bedding and favorite areas. You
can also rub it on your pet directly, avoid the eyes or any orifices, it isn’t harmful,
but can cause some irritation
– Using apple cider vinegar. You can do a half and half mix to spray on your pet, and
add a tablespoon or two to their water
– If in a pinch and need something now you an give your dog a bath with Dawn dish
soap. This is safe and effective though not a long term solution

5) Swim Safety
Many of us love water sports in the summer or chilling by the pool in the backyard and taking our dogs is just second nature, but be careful not all dogs can swim.
Some Simple Solutions
– Even if your dog is a great swimmer it is always a good idea to put them in a life
vest when out on the water
– Know your breed and know your dog. Not all dogs are born swimmers and some
breeds have a harder time then others and can quickly become exhausted and
– Be mindful of standing water. This can often carry diseases dogs can quickly
contract by drinking the water. If you know you will be by standing water often it
would be a good idea to talk to your vet and do your research on Leptospirosis and
the vaccine they make for it.
– Be mindful of pools and their chemicals. Fido may love swimming in the pool, but
the chemicals you use to keep it clean can really harm him.

Summer can be one of the funnest times of year to own a dog, but just like any other member of your family you need to be mindful of their health and comfort and do what you can to keep them safe. So get out there and enjoy that sunshine awhile longer and please consider rescuing a dog and saving a life!!!