Make Your Own Natural Udder Spray (for milking animals)

If you are going to milk your goats, cows, yaks, or even camels (yep camels, it is a thing) then you will first need to clean their udder and then apply a teat dip when finished milking (look under the goats tab to find my teat dip recipe). Naturally they make all sorts of sprays and chemical ridden products to do this, but we try to live a more natural chemical free life so these are not an option for us, not to mention they can get pretty pricy. After an immense amount of research and trial and error I have come up with my own recipes made with products you most likely already have on hand. Both my udder spray and teat dip work fantastically, are natural, and inexpensive to make.

Udder Spray


How to make

  1. filled a clean spray bottle about half full with distilled water. It is important to use distilled as this ensures your spray is a clean as possible. Even filtered or boiled water can still have organisms and trace minerals in it.
  2. next put in your tea tree and lavender essential oils. Though these do smell good that isn’t their purpose. Both are great disinfectants/cleaners. As far as brand on these. I have heard all the different arguments for one brand vs another and honestly I have used pretty much every brand and I have to be honest I do not notice that big of a difference. I stick with brands that have good reviews,
  3. add 1-2 tsps castle soap. A little goes a long way. I buy the kind with tea tree in it.
  4. at this point you can add your clorox if you are choosing to use it. Now, I know I said we avoid chemicals, but there is such a minute amount that it doesn’t bother me having it in there. Clorox as you know is an excellent cleaning agent and can really help ensure your udder is clean meaning your milk is clean. This is optional though. The spray works great without it as well.
  5. screw your lid on and give your bottle a good shake to help mix it up.
  6. Take lid back off and fill rest of bottle up with distilled water.
  7. put lid on, give it a good shake and you are ready to use it.
  8. I always give it a good shake before using so it is nice and mixed up


How to Use

  1. Give bottle a good shake then spray liberally all over udder.
  2. Use a cloth (either disposable or microfiber) and wipe udder down thoroughly.
  3. Repeat as many times as needed until cloth comes out clean. It is important to get the udder as clean as possible to ensure nothing nasty is getting into your milk or your animals teat. Bacteria in the teat causes mastitis which is BAD!!!

Extra Info!

    • I hate the waste that comes with using disposable cloths, so I found an alternative as quickly as I could, but before I found my awesome solution I used these Disposable Cloth Wipes and they worked great!
    • After some research I then discovered these amazing Antibacterial Microfiber Cloths  these cloths contain silver clean technology and the silver is clinically proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria. The microfiber picks up the smallest pieces of dirt and dust and the silver kills everything. If you have ever heard of Norwex these are like those only better! They are the perfect size and a very reasonable price. I use them to clean my house and my goats 🙂
    • Use a cloth until it appears soiled (this will vary depending on the number of animals you milk) then just throw it in the washer and grab a new one. I am currently milking 2 goats twice a day and 1 cloth will last about a week before I need to wash it.